About Us

About Us

When we started out on the Internet, like every newbie in the field, we used the information that other users have shared on the web before us. Thanks to the free information that our “web ancestors” gave us, we were able to learn tons of useful things, get valuable insights and become who we are now.

Today, we are returning the favor by sharing what we know with you. 🙂

Internet Tools Concept

The concept of this website is based on the following principles:

  • Simplicity
  • Minimalism
  • Speed
  • Value

We strive to provide value quickly in a simple and minimalistic way.

There is a reason behind that:

Today, finding the right information online is a difficult task and uncomfortable experience.

Websites and apps compete for the reader’s attention by adding walls of unnecessary content. They also prioritize revenue by loading pages with excessive amount of ads.

It’s unfortunately hard to find the reliable information quickly and conviniently in today’s internet.

You are highly likely to be interrupted by unsolicited attempts to capture your attentiion.

And this sucks.

We try to solve this problem when it comes to internet tools.

On this website, we provide information about useful digital tools in a minimalistic and well organized manner.

We provide only the necessary amount of information. Not a word more than that. Just what you need to know.

We also include only those tools that can realistically solve your problems. We don’t list everything,

We value your time and try to help in the best way possible. 🙂

This is the reason behind this website and we hope you enjoy it!

Internet Tools Team