Freelancer Stats In America: How It Is Affecting Economy

Freelancer Stats In America: How It Is Affecting Economy

The number of freelancers in the US is increasing tremendously. If we look at America’s freelancer stats, we’ll observe how people now prefer a freelance career over a full-time job. The freelance sector in the USA sees a dramatic rise in the freelance field.

According to Edelman’s recent research, every freelancer or independent worker is a part of a growing movement. Furthermore, it is discovered that by 2027 the major part of the American labor force will be indulged in freelancing instead of the exhausting 9-5 jobs.

Moreover, Gen Z now conquers a massive part of the workforce. There is a high probability that freelancing will diminish people’s inclination towards full-time jobs before 2027, and freelancing will make strides. About 47% of the Gen Z population have already begun their freelance careers; this ratio is whopping compared to any other generation.

In 2017, Freelancing in America stated that over 57.3 million Americans are working hard to progress in their freelancing career. Such a huge number indicates that the freelance community plays a considerable role in the USA’s economy. However, this freelance stats report was from 2017; in 2021, the ratio is much higher, which we will discuss later in this post. Moreover, this post is also going to shed light on statistics on the freelance market.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Jobs That Are Freelance

As already mentioned before, freelancing has become the town’s recent talk, and it will spread even more in the coming years. Therefore, we are going to mention some freelancer facts that are going to blow your mind. Below are the facts about jobs that are freelance that are related to the economy and the mindset freelancers have:

  1. People invest over 1 billion hours in their freelance career weekly. This summed up to be 998 million hours in 2015 alone.
  2. A ratio of 81% of freelancers agrees that appropriate business education is essential for them to keep their jobs, and they would like to discover ways to learn as well.
  3. The new generation, millennials, have a quite high probability of representing 52% of the freelance community.
  4. Software developers are getting paid the highest. They demand $1000/hour.
  5. Fifty-five percent of the labor in the industry of entertainment is in the freelancing field.
  6. Unlike a small proportion of people who switch to freelancing due to challenging situations, most Americans switched to freelancing based on their own choice.
  7. According to a survey, 6% of people freelance until they find a permanent nine-to-five job.
  8. Another survey reveals that 70% of the freelancers would rather move out of a big city because their job can quickly be done from anywhere they prefer.
  9. There was a hike in the freelance jobs advertisements between April and June due to the pandemic.
  10. Pandemic had a significant impact on the freelance world, and the earning rate has also decreased mildly.

Top highly demanded freelance jobs in America

Freelancing is great, and all but not every profession can handle freelancing well. There are some professions where you need to have a proper full-time job in an appropriate work environment. However, the number of freelance jobs that are in demand is still huge.

These trending jobs in America can make you rich if you work with full dedication. Here are some gigs that are now the hottest in America and can make you a lot of money without any fuss:

1.Software developer and Programmer

As we are living in a technological era, developers will always be in demand all the time. Almost all organizations need a strong presence in the online world, and software developers and programmers are best at achieving that. Their qualifications have a high place in this era and come in handy when searching for freelance opportunities. The stats about freelance coding and web development are as follows:

  • An average developer is bound to make a whopping $58,000/year.
  • About 15% of the freelance workforce is in the web development and coding field.

If you want to have a successful freelance career in Web Development, then there are a few things you need to an expert at, such as Java, Python, PHP, and other essential programming languages.

2.Graphic designer

The next field that covers a considerable part of freelance fields is graphic designing. Graphic designing has now become a primary need of every online or offline business.

Often graphic designers work with more than one client as they need a whopping great portfolio to show off their skills when hunting for work. This helps the client to judge the quality levels of your work.

According to recent statistics, the average income of a freelance graphic designer is $55,731.

3.Blog writing and copywriting

In this era, your business’s success is evaluated based on the content you produce. Therefore, all businesses look for writers with many potentials and lure the customer into buying a business’s product.

The writing field doesn’t just have one category; there are several categories like blog writing, news article writing, academic writing, and copywriting.

People with a creative side can utilize their unique skills in this field. The stats you want to know about a freelance writer are amazing, as 17% of the freelance population works in the writing field. In 2019, the average salary of a freelance writer was $63,488.


The marketing field in the freelance world has several aspects. An elite set of digital skills and expertise is truly a blessing for freelancers in the USA. Marketers have a huge set of responsibilities, such as creating, executing, and optimizing content to reach a larger audience. All successful digital marketers have excellent skills in increasing social media engagement, Search engine Optimization, and CRM.

This is one of those skills that are demanded all over the world; therefore, learning this skill won’t be a waste of time. The freelance marketing stats are:

  • About 45% of freelancers provide marketing services.
  • The average income of a freelance digital marketer is $66,206/year.

5.Photographer and video editing

Being a freelance photographer and video editor is one of the most fun jobs among all freelance jobs. However, pitching clients will require you to have an attractive portfolio and exceptional editing skills. As customers search for assets customized to specific networks, awareness of emerging delivery channels acts as a bonus.

Furthermore, proper equipment, an aesthetic website, capturing and editing skills are a must-have for every freelance photographer to become the best in the game.

How freelancing has changed over the years?

There have been huge and small changes in freelance fields in the past 5-10 years. We will be listing down the differences that are stated according to Forbes freelance stats. Let’s start.

Increase in the workforce

Freelance statistics in 2015 stated that 34% of the American population earned an income through freelancing, while 2021 statistics state that America now contains about 56.7 million freelancers. They are responsible for $1.3 trillion of contribution to the US economy.

Passion instead of an obligation

In 2015, 59% of freelancers opted for freelancing careers on their own choice instead of taking it as a last resort, while in 2021, 61% of the freelancing population chose to switch their 9-5 job to freelance.

Gender stats

According to the statistics in 2015, about 60% freelancing population was male while the rest were female. On the other hand, in 2021, 58% were male, and 42% were female.

Age of freelancers

In the 2015 statistics, half of the freelancers in America were under the age of 40. On the other hand, three-fourth of the freelance population was under the age of 37. The ratio of freelancers above 55 was pretty low in 2015, and it is still relatively low.

Reasons for choosing to freelance

The reason people are more attracted towards freelancing as compared to a full-time job is due to the following perks:

  • They don’t have to work under any superior; they ARE the superior.
  • They can work whenever they want and from wherever they want.
  • They have the freedom to choose who they want to work with.
  • They can work with more than one person at one time.
  • They get time to hone other skills that are fruitful.

Thoughts about a full-time job

About 50% of freelancers said they wouldn’t give up their freelance career no matter how big a full-time job is paying them. The views of freelancers remain the same in 2021, but the ratio is now 51%.

Source of work

There has been a considerable change in how freelancers now find work as compared to 2015. In 2015, the statistics of different sources of work were as follows:

  • 36% Family and friends
  • 35% previous Contacts
  • 29% social Media

On the other hand, in 2021, the ratios of sources of work are:

  • 49% Prior clients
  • 38% Family and friends
  • 37% Previous contacts
  • 38% Social Media
  • 29% digital platforms

Difference in earning

The stats of 2015 state that people who left their jobs to do freelancing earned a much handsome amount within a year of freelance experience. However, in 2021, the earnings were increased considerably as well, but in six months, which is much faster.


Freelancing is a huge field with a lot of potentials. People all over the world have been switching to freelancing and abandoned their hectic full-time job. However, there is one thing that needs to improve in the freelancing world; freelance platforms.

Platforms need to understand the value of the skills a freelancer is selling and pay them accordingly. The ones that improve in this aspect have a high probability of doing well in the future. The freelancer stats mentioned above are to help people who are about to switch to freelancing and companies looking forward to hiring a freelancer.

The 5 Best Budget Planners for 2021

The 5 Best Budget Planners for 2021

Budgeting is like a workout. We all want it and know its benefits but find it difficult and overwhelming to start. Luckily, with the best budget planner, budgeting doesn’t have to be a pain anymore.

If you’d like to put your personal finances and spending under control, a budgeting app might be all you need. Most budget planners can help with general personal budgeting, but each offers something unique.

One budget app may send you alerts when you’re about to overspend. Another can assign every dollar you get a specific job, providing a unique money management system.

There are many budget apps out there, so it’s crucial to know which ones are developed to meet most users’ needs and have exclusive tools to address the unique needs of some users.

We’ve done the hard yards for you by researching the best budget planners.

The Best Budget Planner – Which One Should You Use?

The budgeting apps reviewed below are either free, have a free version, or come with a free trial so users can test things before signing up.

In addition, each of these apps has over 1000 views on Google Play and the App Store. They also have a rating of at least 4 stars (out of five) on both platforms.

1. Mint – Best Overall

financial budget planner with the most users

Mint is among the most popular budgeting apps and has well over 15 million users. It’s owned by Intuit, the company that makes TurboTax and Quickbooks.

Mint has an array of powerful features to enable you to track and manage your finances from a long list of banks, lenders, credit card providers, brokerages, and you name it.

The budgeting app has numerous features, with the most important being the budgeting tools that appear at the center and in front once you log in.

The app automatically categorizes your transactions from any linked debit and credit cards. It then tracks these cards according to a budget you can customize or tweak according to your needs.

You’ll receive notifications whenever you go above your budget. You can also track your spending by category.

Besides, you can look at the overall cash flow to understand where your funds go every month.

Mint Pros

  • Free
  • Credit monitoring that gives you access to your credit score
  • Syncs to your credit cards and bank accounts
  • Real-time alerts for going over the budge, ATM fees, or large transactions
  • Monthly bill payment tracker with due date reminders
  • Top security features, including Verisign scanning, Touch ID mobile access, and multi-factor authentication
  • You can track investments and set savings goals
  • An educational blog and other handy tools, such as the home repayment calculator

Mint Cons

  • Some users complain of expenses assigned to the wrong category and ads.

2. PocketGuard – Best for Over-Spenders

PocketGuard app for budgeting

This budget planner helps you guard against overspending. PocketGuard links to your financial accounts and tracks your spending against your budget for the whole month.

The budgeting app is among the easiest to set up and link to your bank accounts. PocketGuard tracks how much you earn and keeps tabs on the money dedicated to recurring bills and daily expenses.

Most importantly, the app tracks the deposits that go into your savings account for a specific period.

This best budget planner has a feature that helps you track every bill and find possible opportunities to save.

Not only does PocketGuard track your budget, but it also helps you minimize your spending.


  • Has a free version
  • Syncs to bank accounts
  • Setting up and using the app is a cakewalk
  • Automated savings feature where you can set your goals and deposit into a linked bank account
  • Sets spending limits, thus helping you to avoid overspending
  • Bill payment reminders
  • Graphs and charts make it easy to visualize cash flow and spending
  • Displays areas to make possible savings
  • Educational blog


  • Switching to the premium version requires that you shell out $34.99 per year

3. You Need a Budget (YNAB) – Best for Serious Budgeters

budget planner app that assigns each dollar a job

You Need a Budget uses an approach that’s different from the other budgeting apps. Instead of going with the conventional budgeting buckets, you create a budget based on your income, assigning each dollar a specific job.

The jobs may include things like savings, debt payments, living expenses, and investments.

Since each dollar has something to do, you’re left thinking about how you spend whatever you earn.

Couples who like budgeting together will find this budget planner a great asset. It has both mobile and desktop interfaces, an option to automatically link bank accounts, and add expenses manually.

There are goal tracking and debt payoff features to motivate you to achieve your money goals.


  • There’s a 34-day free trial, but students have 12 months of free use
  • Syncs your credit cards and bank accounts
  • Created to help you overcome debt
  • Users can customize spending and set goals
  • Security features include third-party audits, accredited data centers, data encryption, and more
  • Educational resources and weekly (free) workshops
  • Personal customer support


  • Costs $11.99 a month or $84 a year
  • Setting up the app takes longer compared to other budgeting apps

4. Honeydue – Best Budget Planner for Couples

Honeydue is a household budgeting app

Honeydue is a free online budget planner that allows you and your significant other to see your financial pictures from one place, including credit cards, bank accounts, investments, and loans.

However, the app allows you to choose how much you’d like to share with your partner.

This budgeting planner automatically categorizes your expenses, but it also lets you set up any custom categories. As a couple, you may create monthly limits on each category, and Honeydue will send you alerts when one of you is nearing the limits.

Moreover, Honeydue sends reminders for any upcoming bills and allows chats.


  • Free to use
  • Syncs to your account and your partner’s
  • Sends bill payment reminders
  • Choose which accounts you’d like to share
  • It helps a couple to manage finances from one spot, coordinate bills, and track spending
  • Chat and send some emojis to your significant other through the app
  • Set up a spending limit for each category every month
  • Security features include multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and Touch ID


  • Some reviews state that the app is buggy, and transactions don’t appear immediately

5. Personal Capital – Best for Investors

personal capital simplifies budgeting

While Personal Capital is mostly an investment app, its free app has features that help budgeters track their spending.

This app allows you to connect and monitor savings, checking, credit card accounts, as well as loans, mortgages, 401(k)s, and IRAs.

The budgeting app lists your latest transactions by category and offers a spending snapshot for the same. You may customize the categories to see the actual percentage of your monthly spending for each category.


  • Free to use
  • It comes with free investment tools like an education planner, retirement planner, and free analyzer for checking portfolio fees
  • Includes a net-worth tracker and money-tracking dashboard
  • Syncs to bank accounts
  • Offers security features, such as fraud detection, data encryption, and user authentication


  • The budgeting features aren’t very comprehensive like in the other apps
  • Sales calls to try wealth management services

Final Thoughts

After downloading the budgeting app to your device, the app lets you track your spending habits.

The best budget application will show you the amount you earn and organize your spending into different categories to help you see how much you spend and on what.

However, most budgeting apps offer more than the basic budgeting functionality. A good app will also allow you to monitor your debts, investments, and savings.

Besides, the apps will send alerts when a bill is due or suggest ways to save. Choose the best budgeting app today to take full control of your personal finances.

Best online photo editors to use in 2020

Best online photo editors to use in 2020

Photos have now become the primary source of conveying a message. Interestingly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all social media platforms use appealing images to attract the audience. 

Why is it so?

Because the aesthetics of the photo play a considerable role in getting the audience’s attention. However, to achieve the perfect aesthetic pictures, you will need the best online photo editorBear with me, because I will show you some incredible online photo editing apps with excellent features.

Frankly speaking, finding the best online photo editors is challenging due to the wide range available online. But we are here to guide your boat to the few best photo editing apps that are thriving in 2020.

Why using a online photo editor is mandatory to get professional-looking photos?

If you own a website or a social media account, it is mandatory to pay attention to the aesthetics. Especially, the pictures with aesthetics background are the core ingredient in bringing the audience to your page.

It is imperative to find the best online picture editor to make your pictures look flawless.

No matter how perfect your shot looks, there are always a few things that need a bit of alteration to make the picture even better. Online photo editing may sound like just adjusting brightness and exposure, but it’s a lot more than that.

Luckily, we have some outclass online photo editors to fix all the imperfections in a photo. You don’t have to be a professional to use these tools and edit your image online.

Roll over to check out some of these incredible photo editing apps to help you crafting professional photographs.

Picmonkey online photo editor

Picmonkey photo editor is the handiest online image editor in use for editing photos professionally. If you have a hard time using photoshop, your next choice should be the Picmonkey photo editing app. Picmonkey has an extremely easy to use interface, making it easy for beginners to edit their pictures. You can crop, tilt, add a filter, and overlay in your photo using this tool.

This app can also come in useful when you need to design posts for your social media platforms.

This app was the discovery of former members of Picnik, an online editing software, in 2012. The entire gist of creating this app was to make online photo editing effortless and straightforward.

Benefits of using Picmonkey photo editor:

  • Tools for increasing visual appeal

The Picmonkey app contains all the necessary image editing tools for social media handlers and people creating creative photos for marketing. These tools are easy to use and help people find the ideal theme of their pictures conveniently.

  • Availing your data on a different device

The Pickmonkey is the best photoshop alternative that allows you to switch devices and keeps the data safe. For instance, if you’re using the Picmonkey app on your laptop, you can edit the rest on your phone without losing your previous work.

  • Effects

The Picmonkey picture editor app offers various effects and filters to set them according to your theme.


Dozens of features of the Picmonkey app is available for free. Nevertheless, when an individual buys a specific plan they have designed, he gets many other impeccable services. Below are the pricings of the Picmonkey app to choose from:

Fotor online photo editing app

The Fotor photo editing app is another example of the impeccable picture editing apps that make photo editing convenient. Even though it is claimed by many as “Photoshop Lite” it is nothing like Photoshop.

The Fotor image editing app contains all the essential features that any individual can ask for in an online photo editing app. To make your pictures look flawless with one touch, you need to know your way around this tool.

This tool is capable of creating aesthetic Instagram and Facebook posts. Fotor is an online editing tool, as well as a downloadable editing tool.

You can use either at your convenience. This app turns even the dullest photos into unique photos.

Benefits of using Fotor Photo editing:

  • Use unique Filters

The Fotor photo editor bears several filters and effects to make your pictures look unique.

  • Variety of Frames

This online picture editing tool offers a variety of frames to add to your pictures. Edges give photos a look that attracts attention to the image inside it and gives it an aesthetic look.

  • Make instant Collages

The Fotor photo editing tool has made the task of making picture collages a piece of cake. You can create quick collages within the time frame of minutes.


The Fotor app offers the majority of its features free. But to have an even more classy and exquisite experience with this app, you can purchase their pro version. The pro version contains several other features to make your photos pop and shine.

Pixlr online photo editor

Next, in the category of best online photo editing apps, is the illustrious Pixlr app. This app also offers its services online as well as through downloadable apps. There are three different kinds of tools to choose from available in the free version. The types are: advanced, efficient, and playful. These categories help users in selecting the option which is best for their need at that moment.

This app also allows us to share photos instantly on different platforms. The Pixlr app lets us do some advanced editing within a short period and with no efforts.

Features of Pixlr photo editor:

  • It’s free

The fact that an impeccable app like Pixlr is providing its services for free to users all over the world is exciting. It is entirely free of cost, which is a blessing in disguise for many editors worldwide.

But if you are interested in availing of its premium features, you can purchase them at a very decent rate.

  • Flexible

All the best editors have this thing in common, and it is just terrific. You can get access to Pixlr on any device or search engine. There is no particular operating system or browser that is required to reap the benefits of Pixlr.

  • One-click editing

If you’re running short on time, Pixlr is there to save the day. There are several options where just one click can make your picture look flawless. For instance, if you want to tilte the image a little, go to the tilting and cropping section to complete the task.

  • Lightweight

The Pixlr photo editor is an extremely lightweight image editing app. All you need on your PC to get this app working is a flash plugin. Simultaneously, those who want it on their phone have to sacrifice a little bit of storage space in their mobile phones.


Although most of the features available on Pixlr are free, to avail even more varieties to make your photos look ethereal, Pixlr has some packages. These packages include a more significant number of overlays, stickers, and filters. Following are the pricing of the Pixlr package:

Canva online photo editing app

One more in the list of the best photo editors is the famous Canva. It is one of the most advanced editing apps on this list. It doesn’t just edit your pictures through adding filters and layouts, but it also contributes to creating logos, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

Also, it has an easy to use interface which allows users to use the app conveniently. Canva consists of numerous features that include logo making, banner making, and photo editing. Moreover, it has an extensive collection of ready-made templates and logos that can be altered according to your taste.

With just a few clicks and uploading pictures, you can get a fantastic photo-ready for your social media platforms.

Benefits of using Canva photo editing:

  • Everyone can use it

The Canva photo editing app has such a friendly interface that there is no skill required to get the hang of it. Furthermore, the layout of Canva is also one of those where it is clear what the user has to do next. Handling Canva is super easy, and after getting the hang of it, you can easily design spectacular images.

  • Assists in designing posts

Canva is the ultimate guide if you are looking forward to designing posters for social media platforms or banners. There are loads of ready-made signs and Instagram post themes to choose from. You can alter the ready-made templates already available on Canva

  • Variety of Fonts

In the Canva photo editing app, we are not limited to individual styles of font. Canva consists of a large number of fonts styles. Interestingly, most of them are unlocked and free, while to avail of the ones that are even classier and elegant, you will have to make a purchase.

  • Sharing work directly

These features make Canva stand out from the crowd of thousands of photo editors. Furthermore, Canva keeps your work safe even if there is an abrupt system failure and allows you to share your logo, post, or picture directly to different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Canva Pricing

The free version of Canva is no doubt the absolute best you can get. Nevertheless, once you purchase the pro version, you are going to get hooked. Canva has three packages: free, pro, and enterprise. The pricing of these packages are as follows:

Befunky online photo editing app

Befunky is an incredible online photo editing app with lots of useful photo editing features and tools. You can easily create image collages using the collage maker tool or create stunning online graphic projects from the wide range of ready to use templates.

Benefits of using Befunky Photo editing app:

  • Next-level photo editing facility

Befunky offers next-level photo editing using various editing tools; now, you can retouch portraits, clone, or crop unwanted areas of your picture. Crop, resize or remove skin blemishes, red eyes, or any other unwanted object from your photo quickly.

  • Transform your ordinary photo using artsy effects into a masterpiece

Befunky online photo editing tool kit is packed with several artsy collection effects that can transform your ordinary photos into cartoons, paintings, or sketches.

  • Use Templates to kick start your editing

Ready-to-use templates are a great resource to save time and adding brilliance to your photos. Give yourself the savory of readymade templates to kick start your new project.


Befunky pricing

The basic plan of Befunky is free. While you enjoy some exclusive features, you can buy the Befunky plus plan with monthly or annual bills. The monthly bill starts from $6 with 100+ additional effects, 250+ additional graphics and frames, and many more features. 

Final verdict about the best online photo editors

The Photo editors we have nowadays are incredibly user-friendly. After having one look at the instructions, handling them is a piece of cake.

Finally, we can say that all of the photo editors listed above are one of the best ones available at the moment. However, Canva is our personal favorite when selecting photo editors as it offers a wide range of features compared to others.

Canva stands out for several reasons; most notably, it’s an exceptionally user-friendly online photo editing app that comes with plenty of useful ready to use templates. So, which one is your favorite one? Do tell us in the comment section. Over to you now! 

Best Online Video Editing Tools worth your Money in 2020

Best Online Video Editing Tools worth your Money in 2020

Have a look at some of the top pick online video editing tools for multiple platforms. Check out the perks and features of each web-based video editing tool to find the relevant solution for your business

Video content is the most engaging and traffic generating tool these days, no doubt about it.

So, no matter whether you are a social media enthusiast, a corporate owner, or a digital marketer, video content can boost your conversion.

That’s why, other than just bloggers or YouTube video creators, every business owner is seeking for valiant video editing apps to attract quality traffic that could convert easily.

Once you have done your video production, the next post-production step is to make your video a masterpiece using the test online video editing tools.

Which is the best online video editing tool for you?

This largely depends on your goals, because different software offers multiple options depending upon the relevant usage.  Some video editing tools are specifically designed for beginners or small business owners, while some might be using these video editing software for personal reasons.

In brief, whether you are a teacher or a student or businessmen finding ways to make interactive videos, there are plenty of free and paid web-based resources for best video editing.

We have handpicked a list of best video editing apps for any user. This tutorial is going to give you the best solutions for creating and editing videos. You can especially edit your YouTube videos, Instagram, product-related ads and portfolios, and much more.

But before diving into details, let’s find out which features a perfect video editing app must-have.

What are the key features of ideal video editing software?

Although it much depends upon your desired features. However, every perfect Video Editing software s has to offer some basic level of features.

  • its interface should be intuitive and easy to use.
  • the video editing app should have all basic level editing options such as converting audio into video and changing the format of a file
  • the video editing software should offer cloud base interaction so you could edit video from desktop and Mobile.
  • it must offer a handy feature of screen recording
  • it would be best to edit or trim the unnecessary parts of the video before sending out using these video editing apps.

1. WeVideo online video editor

Wevideo is a robust cloud-based online video editing software, available in free and paid versions. Moreover, It’s extremely helpful in streamlining video editing, and collaborating with sharing capabilities on Mobile and desktop. In addition, Wevideo lets the users create, edit and share video content using one platform- WeVideo.

The intuitive cloud-based platform helps in collaborating people from different locations. It comes with two video editing modes, storyboard and timeline.

Storyboard editing mode is ideal for beginners. While the timeline provides extra features like creating effects, changing fonts, adding animation effects. Also, it is cloud-based, so there is no issue of file size. Therefore,you can create videos regardless of file sizes because you are not going to use your disk space.

Wevideo is best for

  • Small business owners/ solo entrepreneurs
  • Social media video creation
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Creating portfolios

WeVideo salient key features

  • Make and edit unique videos targeting YouTube, Instagram or Facebook audience and publish it in any format.
  • Get your hands on the premium stock library of licensed video clips, images and music without paying a single penny.
  • Students and teachers can make videos, podcasts slideshows and much more using the ‘WeVideo essentials’. Also WeVideo offers special prices for students and teachers.
  • Create high-quality video ads or promo videos to promote your brands/ real estate, nonprofit organization or small business.
  • Collaboration is more than comfortable than ever before. Now, you can create, edit or share videos anywhere, anytime.
  • Support green screen, animated text and screen recording features
  • Create unlimited videos, save them on cloud storage and export videos up to 4K resolution.

Wevideo pricing

Wevideo has two different plans; one is business/ individual-oriented and the second one is for teachers and students. Have a look at these plans.


Wevideo offers a special price for teachers and students, keeping in view their requirements along with 30 days of a free trial.

2. Invideo online video Editor

If you are looking for an online video editor with a user-friendly interface, ready to use templates in combination with a myriad of tools, then you must check out Invideo video editor.

You can get this all in one panorama without breaking your bank. Invideo was awarded as one of the best video editing tool in 2019 by Capterra, #1product of Month and Crowd also exclusively featured on TechCrunch. 

Invideo is best for

  • Bloggers or social media marketers, YouTube videos, YouTube intro videos
  • Solo entrepreneurs(Real Estate, Restaurants, Fitness, Fashion, etc.)
  • Facebook Instagram ads
  • Wedding invitation videos
  • Slideshow videos
  • For any brand awareness ads, brand promo

Invideo Online Video Editor Salient Key Features

  • Create professionally designed videos in just three steps
    • Select your favourite template out of 3500 template library
    • Replace the media files with your images or videos
    • Create your unique identity by adding text and your brand logo and export in any desired format.
  • A plethora of more than 35000+ high-quality templates.  Specially designed for a targeted business audience.
  • Create videos in any language with multilingual support 1080p resolution.
  • Copyright-free music and advanced editing
  • Search and drag and drop your desired videos and pictures into your video.
  • You can trim and extend the video clip length with just a single drag bar.  So no need of any advanced knowledge.
  • The additional features include automated text-to-speech and automated voiceovers service.
  • Sixty days money-back guarantee, no matter whatever is the reason.
  • You will get free tutorials if you need any help regarding video creation, image editing, text editing.

Invideo pricing

Invideo pricing starts at $5 per month and you are charged one time annually for $60. The free plan let you create five videos for free per month.

3. Adobe Spark online video Editing tool

Adobe spark provides tailor-made video editing solutions for businesses and education-related setup. Moreover, Adobe spark pays close attention to improving project-based learning.

Students can create stunning science fair posters, infographics and much more. In addition to it, the students can create explainer videos and presentations using the premade templates and customize them accordingly.

For businesses Adobe spark provides out of box coverage. Because, it uses design intelligence to get a collection of templates that resembles your brand’s mode. You can pick color and font, and all of the templates will be optimizes as per your style.


Adobe Spark is best for

There is a long list of supported services by Adobe spark. You can create any social graphics, web pages, short videos, ad banners, Facebook cover, logos and much more cool videos and cards.

Adobe Spark Salient key features

  • User-friendly interface and Adobe spark is web-based. Therefore, you can create videos using any browser device.
  • Get any template from the library; customize it using your images and resize the images for any social media platform. And you are done with your video editing within minutes.
  • Create Facebook ads, marketing videos, Instagram images, FB event cover and explainer videos using premade templates, free music and customized fonts.
  • Special classroom accounts for teachers. Where teachers can create and manage classrooms.
  • Create/ crop/ edit videos for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with one-click resizing templates.
  • You are easy syncing of projects across web and iOS apps so you could create your design on any device.
  • Check out the blog content of Adobe spark to get the latest content ideas and tips to engage your visitors. 

Adobe Spark pricing               

Adobe spark has a free version which you can use without providing your credit card information. However, if you like to get information regarding their services for business and education model you have to contact them directly. You can contact them using a phone number or chat option.

4. Clipchamp video editing tool

Clipchamp Clipchamp is a one-stop-shop for video editing, compressing and uploading like a breeze. Also, Clipchamp for G-suit is extremely easy to use, and the best way to get things done fast. Simply put, you will record the video clips and just drag and drop the videos in the Clipchamp editor.

Now, you can easily splice, edit, and customize just the way you want to do. The best thing is it can compress your video and reduce the video size without compromising the video quality.

Clipchamp is best for

  • A video maker tool for all kind of customized videos
  • Create Facebook, Instagram and YouTube video ads
  • Slideshow videos
  • Facebook cover videos
  • Video memes
  • Use ready to use templates for creating videos on education, real estate, music video, corporate, restaurants, marketing and startups

Clipchamp salient key features

  • You will get a free video eiditor to resize or change the aspect ratio and dimensions of your video.
  • The tools included in Clipchamp video editing software are video editor, compressor, converter, rotator, webcam recorder, screen recorder.
  • A free online green screen editor is there to help you create a magic touch to your video.
  • An online picture in picture video editor helps in overlay videos, images and slideshows. Create awesome video lectures, reactions and gameplay.
  • Turn your text into voice over using AI voice over the generator.
  • Visualize your audio using the dynamic animations
  • Create your video online using meme video generator in minutes with the help of GIPHYs, stock footage and motion effects.
  • Extensive stock library list with ready to use templates for multiple occasions.

Clipchamp pricing

The basic plan is free to sign up with unlimited video export. There is another price range for business and casual use.

5. Animoto video editing tool

.AnimotoAnimoto, a video editing tool, comes with unlimited possibilities for editing and creating online videos. In brief, you can create any videos quickly with a professional-looking finish. These videos can be used for marketing, advertisement or on social media.

You will get professionally designed pre-built templates to help you create your videos for any usage. Also, Animoto comes with more than one million stock videos and 3000 commercially licensed music tracks that are available to add in your videos.

Animoto is best for

  • Business-related videos
  • Photography
  • Real estate
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Education
  • Ecommerce
  • Fitness and beauty

Animoto salient key features

  • Animoto is a cloud-based video editor. In particular, you can edit your videos using any preferred browsers on Mac or PC.
  • Packed with more than 1 million images stock library. In brief, you can find the best one for your project.
  • Thousands of licensed tracks. And you can start with any track without fearing the copyright issue.
  • Create unlimited videos using time-saving premade templates and captivating text and fonts style with over 40+ fonts range.
  • You can place your logo on every video as a watermark.
  • Resize or crop your videos for any platform. And adjust the dimensions from the square to landscape with a single tool.
  • You can create unlimited videos for free using the standard features for the basic plan.

Animoto pricing

You will get a free account on sign up with standard features. And you can upgrade to the professional or team plans if you like to get access to other premium features. Here is the price list for each package. Especially if you go for an annual subscription plan, you’ll get a 50% discount.

Final verdict: which video editing

software should I use?

Finally, here ends our discussion! We have penned down some trendy and incredible online video editing tools.

These online editing software offer not only the best solutions for students and teacher collaboration. But they are also packed with innovative and creative templates to turn any great idea into the content. Therefore, any user can create, collaborate and share their work across multiple platforms. 

To conclude, if you are looking for the best online editing app, then the answer is it depends upon your industry or your intent to use. If you are a teacher or student finding ways to collaborate remotely, then I would strongly recommend using WeVideo.

However, if you are a solo entrepreneur trying to create marketing video ads and eCommerce related product promos then Click champ is the best solution.  Also, you can scroll through the features of each online video editing software and pick one of them that suits you best.

So, which online video editor you find the most useful? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section. 

10 Amazing Digital Art Tools For Creative Minds – Quick Overview 2020

10 Amazing Digital Art Tools For Creative Minds – Quick Overview 2020

Creativity and art are on the whole new path of innovation – The Digital Art Tools! These amazing tools consist of free drawing software as well as digital drawing tablets.

Let’s move further and discover different types of these digital art programs and digital art tablets that enable users to experience the best out of them.

Apple iPad Pro – Leader of Versatile Digital Art Tools

The iPad Pro is one of the digital art tools with digital art programs for new era digital artists around the world. Moreover, this art tablet has plenty of drawing software and drawing programs for artists. With this unique device for digital art, you get the best experience of digital painting.

They are one of the best drawing tablets for beginners. This drawing pad is known for its easy use. Furthermore, has a nice storage capacity for digital art programs.

iPad Pro is the best drawing hardware with full creative art apps.  It has a great charging capacity. Since it’s a mobile device so that makes it really easy to draw, store, create, and save your artworks.

Wacom Cintiq Pro – Adaptable Digital Drawing Tablet

The Wacom Cintiq Pro is a digital art tablet that is designed to meet your demands in an independent way. This device offers a distraction-free environment with its all-time best drawing software.

It has a 4K screen that provides you every minor detail. Moreover, it consists of free drawing apps and free paint programs that are easy to use.

It comes in different sizes that help you in becoming a trained digital artist. You can take full advantage of its smooth and easy drawing pen to get your hands on digital art tools like these.

Your artwork is now easy to be transferred within no time with WACOM CINTIQ PRO. It has a unique feature for it does not require any charging.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners

The Surface Pro 7 is an updated version of the Surface Pro 6 with advanced processors and an amazing USB-C port. The wide 12.3in screen adds a crisp and beauty to this device. They are available in platinum grey color, whereas some are also available in black.

It is one of the best electronic drawing pad with pen drawing ability, the best tools, and the best drawing programs. Moreover, this best digital drawing tablet is an easy drawing stylus that can make your digital easy for you.

Astropad – Tablet with Stylus

If you want to turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac then Astro pad is the best source of it. It enables and enhances mac draw programs. Moreover, it has two versions: Astro pad Standard and Astro pad Studio.

Astropad Studio is the ultimate wireless drawing and sketch tablet adapted for specialized digital artwork. It is easy to use and has good free drawing programs.

Moreover, this art tablet with a screen is specially designed to satisfy your needs individually as an artist.

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition is a pen tablet that enables you to use the drawing paper of your own choice. Furthermore, this contains a sketch pen which increases the precision in digitally drawn sketches.

It has a unique build quality with a drawing tablet pen for digital drawing. You can draw cool art drawings with more of a real paper like drawing feeling.

Wacom is a famous brand that has a track record of so many years. It has made this easy to use tablet for beginners to create digital artists online.

However, it has a flawless working system of art transfer with Bluetooth availability. Wacom is user-friendly and provides you with a personal digital art studio for your digital artwork.

Due to the presence of Bluetooth, it is easy to connect your Wacom with a PC or laptop.

Google Pixelbook

This laptop and tablet hybrid is an ideal tool for a digital artist who really needs a computer. The reason for this is it has an adequate number of art tool list. Furthermore, it gives you the best drawing program for your pc.

The Pixelbook is an amazing tool that provides you the drawing technology on both whether you are drawing on a laptop or mobile. Your google pixel book contains all the art gadgets for your digital drawing.

This device has a long-standing battery and best programs for drawing. If you really want to enhance your PC clip art and learn the tips for digital art then google pixel book is the right choice for you.

Furthermore, when it is paired with any stylus tool, it creates an amazing digital art studio for you. So, you can make your digital art easy with this.

If you really want to know how to get into digital art WACOM MOBILE STUDIO PRO  is the best option for you. It consists of free drawing software and drawing equipment for digital art.

Moreover, you can create really cool art with its digital free art program. Painting digitally really requires ease and WACOM MOBILE STUDIO PRO provides you that.

Its digital touch drawings and good paint programs really make it an efficient digital art device.

This digital art creator is easy to carry and use. If you are learning to draw on a tablet, it contains the best drawing software for beginners. Moreover, it contains all the good art apps to enhance your art creation.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Free Digital Art Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud provides you with all of the digital art tools that you need to become a digital artist. This is a subscription service that grants you access to Adobe’s top programs. It also provides you storage capacity for digital sketches.

Moreover, it is the best free drawing software for windows and android. Its adobe photoshop is a drawing software application used by graphic artists. Also, it works as an amazing drawing app for computers.

It is available at very reasonable prices. You can learn digital art by gaining access to the best painting software that is Photoshop. Photoshop gives it a real preference over all other software. Digital artists take full advantage of its free graphic design tools.

This can help you take your digital art to another level. This digital software is rich in drawing accessories and sketching tools that really groom your artistic abilities.

No list of digital illustration tools would be complete without this software. Be it desktop or mobile, if you really want to groom your digital art skills you need this top software.

XP Pen Innovator 16 – Digital Sketch Pad

XP-Pen innovator 16 is the best affordable art tablet. This digitized tablet contains free drawing software and free painting apps. They are the best tablets for digital art.

Its modified version has the ability of digital painting in photoshop. Its digital pen acts as the best art guide and a second hand for you.

Moreover, its easy pen drawing ability makes it more attractive for the buyers. It can be considered as the best stylus pen and beginners friendly. Now, you can draw all the essential designs with much ease and comfort.

It has the best graphic designs with different drawing applications. This electronic drawing tablet helps you in drawing digital sketches. Its art weaver drawing program grants its superiority over the other tablets.

Procreate has gained much popularity in the digital art world because of its digital art program and best painting software. Now, it is easy to draw, sketch, or paint with a variety of tools and gorgeous color options with free sketching software for this best digital art tablet.

This system is really comfortable and contains all the artist tools of digital art pad. If you want complete graphic control over your artwork this app is best for you.

It is the best stylus for drawing. You will never run short of tools. This app is specifically made for the iPad and it responds best with apple pencil. It has the ability to store all the drawings and is one of the best tools for digital art designers.

Our Verdict

All these digital art tools whether they are software or hardware work really well in enhancing and polishing your digital art skill. They are all beginner-friendly and easy to use. If you really want to match the pace of the digitally growing art world you need to learn digital art.

If you want easy access to the digital art world then these art tools can really work as sharp tools for you. They are all affordable and workable. These art tools really train you and develop your skills as a digital artist.

To enter the digital art world you need to start from very basics and these tools develop your basics. The strong base in digital art intake your expertise to the next level.

The digital pen tablets do not let you go away from the real artistic power of your hand. The ease to use these tools makes them really a good buying option for the customers. They act as a guide for the beginners on both mobile and computers.

Online Language Learning Tools

Online Language Learning Tools

What is the Online Language Learning Tools?

Online language learning tools provide users to learn new things remotely and effectively in the new era.

As an adult, if you wish to learn a language you might have to join a college or degree language learning course. Unfortunately, fitting a language learning course into your schedule can be challenging. Moreover, these courses are extensive and you need to dedicate at least an entire semester to them.

They are also quite expensive. That is to say, learning a language may cost you a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, with the help of online language learning tools, you can now access language learning courses, from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re moving to a new country or simply wish to enrich your personality, online language learning tools can help you out. Moreover, it has become easier to sit at home and learn a language with these online language learning toolsYou can also set the lessons according to your learning pace.

Types Of Online Learning Tools

  • Online Language Learning Courses: These online courses are similar to college courses however, they can be taken at home. You need’t enroll in a college or university to learn via these online courses, because you can simply log in and choose a course. On one click, you can attend lectures, receive assignments, and complete tests.
  • Language Learning Resource Available Online: The internet is an interesting place, so why should learning a language be a boring task? Many language learning apps offer exciting and animated ways of learning. Moreover, they offer practices to improves language reading, understanding, and speaking.
  • Online Language Learning Material: Such platforms offering credible and informative learning material to the learners. The material is offered in many formats to enhance pronunciation, grammar, and writing.

Some language learning apps and courses are more user-friendly and efficient than others. But different people prefer different online language learning tools, according to their preferred learning process.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best online language learning tools to ensure that you choose a medium that offers fast results, entertaining ways of teaching and clear information. 

Online Language Learning Courses



Launched in 2012, Coursera offers exceptional learning material including lectures by scholars from world-renown universities and language experts. They also provide access to group discussions, assignments, and homework, to keep the learners engaged and constantly practicing. 

A total of 37 language programs are available here, including Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Urdu, and Hindi. Providing a deeper understanding of the language with the help of theory, it offers it all to the learners.

Depending upon the complexity of the language, there are a high number of classes available to the users. Moreover, it offers self-paced quizzes and assignments to test the learning of the users. Currently, more than 67 million people are learning a new skill at this platform.

According to a data survey by Coursera, 87% of professional learners are able to apply their learning to career advancement.

However even with free courses, you will not receive a certificate of completion unless you have chosen a paid course. Four to six-week courses on this platform have been priced at $29 to $99.  


  • This platform has tie-ups with more than 200 leading universities in the world. It includes UC, Davis, and Saint Peters-burg State University.
  • most courses here offer a seven day trial period. However, you can make sure you are interested before paying the language course fee.


  • the grading system here is not efficient
  • students often get tired of the learning and it stops being fun  

Found by Harvard University, edX is one of the most informational online language learning tools providers.

Moreover, it offers an opportunity to learn from language teachers and scholars from across the world.

The platform has made studying at reputed universities like:

  • Australian National University
  • University of Hong Kong
  • Brown University

Thus accessible from remote locations. 

This online language tool provides online learning courses for 17 languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and English.

The learning process is divided between different courses ranging from 4-8 week-long periods. These courses act as semesters for learners. The course for beginners focuses on teaching basic conversation skills and verb conjunction. Whereas the advanced course teaches phrases and vocabulary. 

Apart from courses in various languages, it also provides courses in the fields of:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Maths 

and so on. More than 2800 courses are available here, that have been used by over 25 million people. 


edX partners with reputed universities across the world. Moreover, once you complete the course you receive certificates that can be added to your resume.


  • the universities that edX partners with are reputed, therefore it is difficult to get admitted to them
  • language courses here are comparatively harder in comparison to other language learning tools

Online Language Learning Resource


Though Duolingo entered the language learning market after many of its competitive websites, it has now become the application of choice for many learners. As of November 2019, it provides courses in 23 languages to its registered users. These 23 languages have been divided into 94 courses on this platform.

Furthermore, studies suggest that 34 hours of learning on Duo Lingo can help you cover the same information as an entire semester of a language course at college.

It teaches the language to the users as if they were kids. It uses images, audio clips, and written information to help the learners associate meanings and words.

Classes consist of daily tasks, bite-sized educational games and quizzes. It is easy to use and offers quick lessons to the learners. That makes the learners believe that learning a language is a piece of cake and with consistency, they can achieve their goal. 


Duolingo is designed to offer a game-like experience with points, levels, bonuses, public dashboards to compete with other learners, etc, making learning a language entertaining.


Completing courses will not immediately make you fluent in another language. This platform only offers language teaching to take beginners to intermediate level. In other words, it is not a reliable platform if you want to gain advanced language skills.

Mango Languages 

Mango offers more of an experiencing learning opportunity to its learners. Learning a language at Mango Languages is like sitting with a group of people that are talking among themselves in the same language, and are ready to explain each word to the learner over an over again.

Moreover, it provides an insight into the speaking style and culture of the native speakers of the language.

The programs at Mango languages are centered at helping learners develop their conversational skills in the language. As the learners join discussions on various topics of relevance according to their interests, they are able to learn how to speak the language fluently. Moreover, it even used film based clips to educate learners.

It provides efficient learning programs in 71 languages and the monthly fee of Mango Languages subscription is only $20


Rather than merely covering the meaning of different words in a language, Mango Languages enables learners to understand the application of words with correct grammar and tenses. Therefore, learners at Mango Languages become fluent at conversing in the language by the end of their programs


Mango Languages does not offer thorough learning for beginners and intermediates in the language. However, after you have a basic idea, you can use it to hone your conversation skills

Online Language Learning Material

Open Culture

Open Culture offers courses in 48 languages to the learners, including Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, and English. Moreover, Open Culture has a plethora of informational textbooks, e-books, videos, and audio files.

The language learning tools offered by the platform are more material based than lectures. Whether you’re looking for a dictionary of words in a particular language or how to write the alphabets, you can head over to Open Culture and it will refer the appropriate study material to you.

This has made Open Culture a particularly popular platform for the learners.


Open Culture is beneficial to learners, irrespective of their learning level


While it offers plenty of material and sound learning via teachers, people looking for detailed knowledge of a language, and not casual learners.

We hope that after reading the article, you’ll find it easier to choose an online language learning tool. Let’s learn a language, shall we?