Best Online Photo Editors

Best Online Photo Editors

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May 18, 2022

Photos have now become the primary source of conveying a message. Interestingly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all social media platforms use appealing images to attract the audience.

Why Is It So?

Because the aesthetics of the photo play a considerable role in getting the audience’s attention. However, to achieve the perfect aesthetic pictures, you will need the best online photo editor. Bear with me, because I will show you some incredible online photo editing apps with excellent features.

Frankly speaking, finding the best online photo editors is challenging due to the wide range available online. But we are here to guide your boat to the few best photo editing apps that are thriving in 2020.

🔵Why Using an Online Photo Editor Is Mandatory To Get Professional-Looking Photos?

If you own a website or a social media account, it is mandatory to pay attention to the aesthetics. Especially, the pictures with aesthetics background are the core ingredient in bringing the audience to your page.

It is imperative to find the best online picture editor to make your pictures look flawless.

No matter how perfect your shot looks, there are always a few things that need a bit of alteration to make the picture even better.

Online photo editing may sound like just adjusting brightness and exposure, but it’s a lot more than that.

Luckily, we have some outclass online photo editors to fix all the imperfections in a photo. You don’t have to be a professional to use these tools and edit your image online.

Roll over to check out some of these incredible photo editing apps to help you crafting professional photographs.

1. PicMonkey Photo Editor


PicMonkey photo editor is the handiest online image editor in use for editing photos professionally. If you have a hard time using photoshop, your next choice should be the PicMonkey photo editing app.

PicMonkey has an extremely easy to use interface, making it easy for beginners to edit their pictures. You can crop, tilt, add a filter, and overlay in your photo using this tool.

This app can also come in useful when you need to design posts for your social media platforms.

This app was the discovery of former members of Picnik, an online editing software, in 2012. The entire gist of creating this app was to make online photo editing effortless and straightforward.

☑️Benefits of Using PicMonkey Photo Editor

  • Tools for increasing visual appeal

The PicMonkey app contains all the necessary image editing tools for social media handlers and people creating creative photos for marketing. These tools are easy to use and help people find the ideal theme of their pictures conveniently.

  • Availing your data on a different device

The PickMonkey is the best photoshop alternative that allows you to switch devices and keeps the data safe. For instance, if you’re using the PicMonkey app on your laptop, you can edit the rest on your phone without losing your previous work.

  • Effects

The PicMonkey picture editor app offers various effects and filters to set them according to your theme.


Dozens of features of the PicMonkey app is available for free. Nevertheless, when an individual buys a specific plan they have designed, he gets many other impeccable services.

Below are the pricings of the PicMonkey app to choose from:


2. Fotor Online Photo Editor


The Fotor photo editing app is another example of the impeccable picture editing apps that make photo editing convenient. Even though it is claimed by many as “Photoshop Lite” it is nothing like Photoshop.

The Fotor image editing app contains all the essential features that any individual can ask for in an online photo editing app. To make your pictures look flawless with one touch, you need to know your way around this tool.

This tool is capable of creating aesthetic Instagram and Facebook posts. Fotor is an online editing tool, as well as a downloadable editing tool.

You can use either at your convenience. This app turns even the dullest photos into unique photos.

☑️Benefits of Using Fotor Photo Editing

  • Use unique Filters

The Fotor photo editor bears several filters and effects to make your pictures look unique.

  • Variety of Frames

This online picture editing tool offers a variety of frames to add to your pictures. Edges give photos a look that attracts attention to the image inside it and gives it an aesthetic look.

  • Make instant Collages

The Fotor photo editing tool has made the task of making picture collages a piece of cake. You can create quick collages within the time frame of minutes.



The Fotor app offers the majority of its features free. But to have an even more classy and exquisite experience with this app, you can purchase their pro version.

The pro version contains several other features to make your photos pop and shine.

3. Pixlr Photo Editor


Next, in the category of best online photo editing apps, is the illustrious Pixlr app. This app also offers its services online as well as through downloadable apps.

There are three different kinds of tools to choose from available in the free version. The types are: advanced, efficient, and playful. These categories help users in selecting the option which is best for their need at that moment.

This app also allows us to share photos instantly on different platforms. The Pixlr app lets us do some advanced editing within a short period and with no efforts.

☑️Features of Pixlr Photo Editor

  • It’s free

The fact that an impeccable app like Pixlr is providing its services for free to users all over the world is exciting. It is entirely free of cost, which is a blessing in disguise for many editors worldwide.

But if you are interested in availing of its premium features, you can purchase them at a very decent rate.

  • Flexible

All the best editors have this thing in common, and it is just terrific. You can get access to Pixlr on any device or search engine. There is no particular operating system or browser that is required to reap the benefits of Pixlr.

  • One-click editing

If you’re running short on time, Pixlr is there to save the day. There are several options where just one click can make your picture look flawless. For instance, if you want to tilte the image a little, go to the tilting and cropping section to complete the task.

  • Lightweight

The Pixlr photo editor is an extremely lightweight image editing app. All you need on your PC to get this app working is a flash plugin. Simultaneously, those who want it on their phone have to sacrifice a little bit of storage space in their mobile phones.


Although most of the features available on Pixlr are free, to avail even more varieties to make your photos look ethereal, Pixlr has some packages.

These packages include a more significant number of overlays, stickers, and filters. Following are the pricing of the Pixlr package:


4. Canva Online Photo Editor


One more in the list of the best photo editors is the famous Canva. It is one of the most advanced editing apps on this list.

It doesn’t just edit your pictures through adding filters and layouts, but it also contributes to creating logos, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

Also, it has an easy to use interface which allows users to use the app conveniently. Canva consists of numerous features that include logo making, banner making, and photo editing.

Moreover, it has an extensive collection of ready-made templates and logos that can be altered according to your taste.

With just a few clicks and uploading pictures, you can get a fantastic photo-ready for your social media platforms.

☑️Benefits of Using Canva Photo Editing

  • Everyone can use it

The Canva photo editing app has such a friendly interface that there is no skill required to get the hang of it. Furthermore, the layout of Canva is also one of those where it is clear what the user has to do next.

Handling Canva is super easy, and after getting the hang of it, you can easily design spectacular images.

  • Assists in designing posts

Canva is the ultimate guide if you are looking forward to designing posters for social media platforms or banners.

There are loads of ready-made signs and Instagram post themes to choose from. You can alter the ready-made templates already available on Canva

  • Variety of Fonts

In the Canva photo editing app, we are not limited to individual styles of font. Canva consists of a large number of fonts styles. Interestingly, most of them are unlocked and free, while to avail of the ones that are even classier and elegant, you will have to make a purchase.

  • Sharing work directly

These features make Canva stand out from the crowd of thousands of photo editors. Furthermore, Canva keeps your work safe even if there is an abrupt system failure and allows you to share your logo, post, or picture directly to different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


The free version of Canva is no doubt the absolute best you can get. Nevertheless, once you purchase the pro version, you are going to get hooked.

Canva has three packages: free, pro, and enterprise. The pricing of these packages are as follows:


5. Befunky Photo Editing Tool


Befunky is an incredible online photo editing app with lots of useful photo editing features and tools. You can easily create image collages using the collage maker tool or create stunning online graphic projects from the wide range of ready to use templates.

☑️Benefits of Using Befunky

  • Next-level photo editing facility

Befunky offers next-level photo editing using various editing tools; now, you can retouch portraits, clone, or crop unwanted areas of your picture. Crop, resize or remove skin blemishes, red eyes, or any other unwanted object from your photo quickly.

  • Transform your ordinary photo using artsy effects into a masterpiece

Befunky online photo editing tool kit is packed with several artsy collection effects that can transform your ordinary photos into cartoons, paintings, or sketches.

  • Use Templates to kick start your editing

Ready-to-use templates are a great resource to save time and adding brilliance to your photos. Give yourself the savory of readymade templates to kick start your new project.



The basic plan of Befunky is free. While you enjoy some exclusive features, you can buy the Befunky plus plan with monthly or annual bills.

The monthly bill starts from $9.99 with 100+ additional effects, 250+ additional graphics and frames, and many more features.

Final Verdict About the Best Online Photo Editors

The Photo editors we have nowadays are incredibly user-friendly. After having one look at the instructions, handling them is a piece of cake.

Finally, we can say that all of the photo editors listed above are one of the best ones available at the moment. However, Canva is our personal favorite when selecting photo editors as it offers a wide range of features compared to others.

Canva stands out for several reasons; most notably, it’s an exceptionally user-friendly online photo editing app that comes with plenty of useful ready to use templates. 

So, which one is your favorite one? Do tell us in the comment section. Over to you now!