The number of freelancers in the US is increasing tremendously. If we look at America’s freelancer stats, we’ll observe how people now prefer a freelance career over a full-time job. The freelance sector in the USA sees a dramatic rise in the freelance field.

According to Edelman’s recent research, every freelancer or independent worker is a part of a growing movement. Furthermore, it is discovered that by 2027 the major part of the American labor force will be indulged in freelancing instead of the exhausting 9-5 jobs.

Moreover, Gen Z now conquers a massive part of the workforce. There is a high probability that freelancing will diminish people’s inclination towards full-time jobs before 2027, and freelancing will make strides. About 47% of the Gen Z population have already begun their freelance careers; this ratio is whopping compared to any other generation.

In 2017, Freelancing in America stated that over 57.3 million Americans are working hard to progress in their freelancing career. Such a huge number indicates that the freelance community plays a considerable role in the USA’s economy. However, this freelance stats report was from 2017; in 2021, the ratio is much higher, which we will discuss later in this post. Moreover, this post is also going to shed light on statistics on the freelance market.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Jobs That Are Freelance

As already mentioned before, freelancing has become the town’s recent talk, and it will spread even more in the coming years. Therefore, we are going to mention some freelancer facts that are going to blow your mind. Below are the facts about jobs that are freelance that are related to the economy and the mindset freelancers have:

  1. People invest over 1 billion hours in their freelance career weekly. This summed up to be 998 million hours in 2015 alone.
  2. A ratio of 81% of freelancers agrees that appropriate business education is essential for them to keep their jobs, and they would like to discover ways to learn as well.
  3. The new generation, millennials, have a quite high probability of representing 52% of the freelance community.
  4. Software developers are getting paid the highest. They demand $1000/hour.
  5. Fifty-five percent of the labor in the industry of entertainment is in the freelancing field.
  6. Unlike a small proportion of people who switch to freelancing due to challenging situations, most Americans switched to freelancing based on their own choice.
  7. According to a survey, 6% of people freelance until they find a permanent nine-to-five job.
  8. Another survey reveals that 70% of the freelancers would rather move out of a big city because their job can quickly be done from anywhere they prefer.
  9. There was a hike in the freelance jobs advertisements between April and June due to the pandemic.
  10. Pandemic had a significant impact on the freelance world, and the earning rate has also decreased mildly.

Top highly demanded freelance jobs in America

Freelancing is great, and all but not every profession can handle freelancing well. There are some professions where you need to have a proper full-time job in an appropriate work environment. However, the number of freelance jobs that are in demand is still huge.

These trending jobs in America can make you rich if you work with full dedication. Here are some gigs that are now the hottest in America and can make you a lot of money without any fuss:

1.Software developer and Programmer

As we are living in a technological era, developers will always be in demand all the time. Almost all organizations need a strong presence in the online world, and software developers and programmers are best at achieving that. Their qualifications have a high place in this era and come in handy when searching for freelance opportunities. The stats about freelance coding and web development are as follows:

  • An average developer is bound to make a whopping $58,000/year.
  • About 15% of the freelance workforce is in the web development and coding field.

If you want to have a successful freelance career in Web Development, then there are a few things you need to an expert at, such as Java, Python, PHP, and other essential programming languages.

2.Graphic designer

The next field that covers a considerable part of freelance fields is graphic designing. Graphic designing has now become a primary need of every online or offline business.

Often graphic designers work with more than one client as they need a whopping great portfolio to show off their skills when hunting for work. This helps the client to judge the quality levels of your work.

According to recent statistics, the average income of a freelance graphic designer is $55,731.

3.Blog writing and copywriting

In this era, your business’s success is evaluated based on the content you produce. Therefore, all businesses look for writers with many potentials and lure the customer into buying a business’s product.

The writing field doesn’t just have one category; there are several categories like blog writing, news article writing, academic writing, and copywriting.

People with a creative side can utilize their unique skills in this field. The stats you want to know about a freelance writer are amazing, as 17% of the freelance population works in the writing field. In 2019, the average salary of a freelance writer was $63,488.


The marketing field in the freelance world has several aspects. An elite set of digital skills and expertise is truly a blessing for freelancers in the USA. Marketers have a huge set of responsibilities, such as creating, executing, and optimizing content to reach a larger audience. All successful digital marketers have excellent skills in increasing social media engagement, Search engine Optimization, and CRM.

This is one of those skills that are demanded all over the world; therefore, learning this skill won’t be a waste of time. The freelance marketing stats are:

  • About 45% of freelancers provide marketing services.
  • The average income of a freelance digital marketer is $66,206/year.

5.Photographer and video editing

Being a freelance photographer and video editor is one of the most fun jobs among all freelance jobs. However, pitching clients will require you to have an attractive portfolio and exceptional editing skills. As customers search for assets customized to specific networks, awareness of emerging delivery channels acts as a bonus.

Furthermore, proper equipment, an aesthetic website, capturing and editing skills are a must-have for every freelance photographer to become the best in the game.

How freelancing has changed over the years?

There have been huge and small changes in freelance fields in the past 5-10 years. We will be listing down the differences that are stated according to Forbes freelance stats. Let’s start.

Increase in the workforce

Freelance statistics in 2015 stated that 34% of the American population earned an income through freelancing, while 2021 statistics state that America now contains about 56.7 million freelancers. They are responsible for $1.3 trillion of contribution to the US economy.

Passion instead of an obligation

In 2015, 59% of freelancers opted for freelancing careers on their own choice instead of taking it as a last resort, while in 2021, 61% of the freelancing population chose to switch their 9-5 job to freelance.

Gender stats

According to the statistics in 2015, about 60% freelancing population was male while the rest were female. On the other hand, in 2021, 58% were male, and 42% were female.

Age of freelancers

In the 2015 statistics, half of the freelancers in America were under the age of 40. On the other hand, three-fourth of the freelance population was under the age of 37. The ratio of freelancers above 55 was pretty low in 2015, and it is still relatively low.

Reasons for choosing to freelance

The reason people are more attracted towards freelancing as compared to a full-time job is due to the following perks:

  • They don’t have to work under any superior; they ARE the superior.
  • They can work whenever they want and from wherever they want.
  • They have the freedom to choose who they want to work with.
  • They can work with more than one person at one time.
  • They get time to hone other skills that are fruitful.

Thoughts about a full-time job

About 50% of freelancers said they wouldn’t give up their freelance career no matter how big a full-time job is paying them. The views of freelancers remain the same in 2021, but the ratio is now 51%.

Source of work

There has been a considerable change in how freelancers now find work as compared to 2015. In 2015, the statistics of different sources of work were as follows:

  • 36% Family and friends
  • 35% previous Contacts
  • 29% social Media

On the other hand, in 2021, the ratios of sources of work are:

  • 49% Prior clients
  • 38% Family and friends
  • 37% Previous contacts
  • 38% Social Media
  • 29% digital platforms

Difference in earning

The stats of 2015 state that people who left their jobs to do freelancing earned a much handsome amount within a year of freelance experience. However, in 2021, the earnings were increased considerably as well, but in six months, which is much faster.


Freelancing is a huge field with a lot of potentials. People all over the world have been switching to freelancing and abandoned their hectic full-time job. However, there is one thing that needs to improve in the freelancing world; freelance platforms.

Platforms need to understand the value of the skills a freelancer is selling and pay them accordingly. The ones that improve in this aspect have a high probability of doing well in the future. The freelancer stats mentioned above are to help people who are about to switch to freelancing and companies looking forward to hiring a freelancer.