Basic Terms

🟢What Is DNS?

DNS is short for Domain Name System. DNS system helps translate domain names into IP addresses.

DNS is used to route traffic on the Internet and is essential for websites to work properly.

⬇️How DNS Works?

A DNS server is a computer that has a list of public IP addresses and the website names those IP addresses correspond to.

When someone types in a website name like "internettools.net", your device sends a request to the DNS server for the website's IP address. The DNS server then sends the information back to your device, and your browser can access the website's data.

☑️Most Common Types of DNS Servers

  • DNS Resolver- Responsible for finding the IP address for a specific hostname that is requested by a user. This includes human-readable hostnames such as www.example.com
  • DNS Root Server- Will take the domain name you type in, like www.example.com, and find the server that is responsible for that website.
  • Authoritative Name Server-It is the last stop in a DNS query. It is responsible for finding the correct IP address for a given hostname. If it can't find the information, it returns an error message.