Original Source

Digital Marketing

🟣 What is the original source of information in content marketing?

There are a few different ways to answer this question, but the most accurate answer is that the original source of the information in content marketing is the organization or individual who created the piece of information.

For example, if an organization conducted a study or research and then published the findings in a report, that organization would be the original source of all the new information contained in that report.

The same would be true if an individual published a blog post or article that contained new information - the individual would be the original source.

The most important component here is that the information is new - if it's not new, then it's not original.

Here is an example scenario:

You are writing an article about the latest internet trends, and you want to include some statistics to back up your claims. You go and look for data and find a blog post that is a collection of data from different sources.

Even though that blog post is the source you found the data from, it's not the original source since the author of the blog post didn't conduct the research themselves - they simply compiled data from other sources.

In this case, you would want to find the original sources for each of the data points you want to use so that you could include them in your article and provide credit.

🟣 Original Source vs Secondary Source

It's also important to understand the difference between an original source and a secondary source.

A secondary source is an organization or individual that re-publishes information that was originally created by someone else.

For example, if an organization publishes a blog post that contains information from a research report published earlier by another organization, the first organization would be considered a secondary source.

The original source of the information would be the second organization - the one that originally performed the research and published the report.

Re-publishing information from another source is common in content marketing, but it's important to always attribute the information to the original source.

When it comes to finding accurate and trustworthy information, it's often best to go directly to the original source whenever possible.

🟣 Is original source always trustworthy?

It's important to note that simply being the original source of the information does not mean that the information is necessarily accurate or trustworthy.

Any organization or individual can create and publish information, regardless of whether it is accurate or not.

So, while the original source is a good starting point for finding accurate and trustworthy information, it's always important to verify the information before using it.