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πŸ”΅ What is Buzzstream?

Buzzstream is a web-based outreach and digital PR platform.


🟠 What Buzzstream Does?

Buzzstream helps manage link opportunities, send personalized mass emails, track your outreach and more.

🧩 Main Features of Buzzstream

  • Fast research
  • Personalized outreach
  • Project management

🟒 Free Tools by Buzzstream

πŸ’° Pricing

  • Starter plan- $24/month (per user)
  • Growth plan- $124/month (3 users)
  • Professional plan- $299/month (6 users)
  • Custom plan- $999/month/ (15 users)

Buzzstream pricing page with further details is available here.

🎯 How likely is Buzzstream to help you with outreach?

Buzzstream has a power score of 8 out of 10 which means that it is likely to help you solve your outreach related pain points.

πŸ‘Ž Buzzstream Cons

  • BuzzStream’s interface is quite slow.
  • Search function not always works which makes it hard to find contacts when you need them. This issue also causes unwanted emails sent from your account because you were not able to locate the sequence in time and delete the scheduled email.
  • BuzzStream is not always able to detect replies (for example, when a reply is sent not directly but via support system like Zendesk). In this case your follow up email(s) will be sent to the contacts with whom you have active communication going on (i.e. you reached out, they already replied and then your folllow up email lands in their inbox with a question β€œHey, did you receive my previous email?”). This makes you look very unprofessional.

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