Online Collaboration Tools for Students

Online Collaboration Tools for Students

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January 21, 2022

Online collaboration tools for students are a new mode of interaction between learners from around the World with creative ideas to learn new things. A good collaboration tool will enable you to create a meaningful interaction with positive engagement.

Moreover, you can connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime by just a single click with these innovations of the 21st century.

Besides, teachers can adopt these tools as a medium to teach the students while creating an interaction between them in their virtual classroom.

In this article, I will be telling you about the top 10 online collaborative tools for students that will create an interactive learning journey for you.

So, keep on reading to have deep insights into these tools to spike your remote learning performance.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Online Collaboration Tool?

A good collaboration tool should meet certain metrics that will enable it to fulfill the demands of students.

☑️However, some of the qualities that it must possess are:

  • Creates opportunities to interact with authentic audiences.
  • It helps students connect to their peers easily.
  • Versatile with communication modes like text message and call options.
  • Availability of different languages to interact.
  • Moreover, it creates positive engagement through motivating the learners.
  • Builds a positive and safe environment for learning.
  • Besides, it enables teachers and students to create links to their blog posts, videos and podcasts, etc.
  • In addition, it must help learners to build confidence in their group members.
  • However, the most important thing that it should have a support center and help desk to enable users to use every tool efficiently.

These are some of the highlighted traits of a collaboration tool that will help you to create an interactive session under different circumstances.

Let’s move on to some of the best  tools currently available to students for resolving every problem caused due to remote learning.

🔵What Are Some Online Collaboration Tools?

In this, article, we’ll discuss top 10 online collaborative tools that students use to enhance the creativity, communication, and critical thinking.

1. Flip


Flip is a video discussion tool for students that allows them to collaborate through creating videos. Moreover, it is a very useful tool to create an active social community online. 

⬇️Flip works in the following manner:

  1. A teacher creates a grid of students and organizes it accordingly.
  2. After that, the teacher adds a topic to the grid for starting the discussion.
  3. However, it allows you to add more than a single topic at once.
  4. Subsequently, students record the videos on those particular topics to express their views.
  5. Besides, students can view and reply to each other’s videos in response to the topic.
  6. There is also an option to lock the grid with a passcode to protect it from misuse.

This kind of video discussion creates a very responsive and interactive environment that most of the students around the world enjoy while learning new things.

Moreover, students can also share their video posts and responses to social media as well as the blogs to take the discussion further.

2. Google Drive

We all know about the free and cool features of Google Drive. The free tools of google drive provide the students with real-time collaboration and interactive environment.

⬇️Those tools are:

  • Google Docs: They are like MS Word but have more features for students for editing, sharing, and saving files online. Moreover, teachers can create internal links in the document to present it like a whole book, with every page connected.
  • Google Sheets: These online spreadsheets offer the students to see each other’s real-time workings and enable the teacher to record the steps that every student does.

Apart from these, students can also create interactive presentations through Google Slides.

With all these online collaborative tools, students can work harmoniously without saving the drafts of their work repeatedly in the computers.

3. Group Me


Group Me is a very useful tool for online teamwork. Moreover, it allows you to create groups for communication and project based learning group.

You can add members to a group by their name and email addresses to enable students not to share their phone numbers for group tasks.

Besides, the group discussion platform is very easy to use that allows the students to share their messages on a single click. However, students can easily identify each other through the picture appearing next to the message.

This feature allows you to distinguish and respond to the message of a concerned student easily.

Moreover, you can like every message you want with the option available to support the discussion and to have voted.

4. Twiddla

Twiddla is a digital whiteboard that enables the teachers to deliver their lectures or present the ideas to students in an effective manner. Moreover, you do not need any kind of setup or go through some installation process to run this program.

These features make it very user-friendly and easily accessible to every student around the globe. 

With Twiddla, a teacher can use a whiteboard with amazing tools like inserting images and web pages to create an interactive learning environment for the students.

With all these cool features students can go through an optimal learning experience with lots of innovations to apply on.

5. Quizlet


Flashcards are a very creative source of learning that every student enjoys. However, managing the flashcards can be cumbersome for the students.

So, you can use Quizlet to create digital flashcards for students and help them prepare for their quiz or tests efficiently.

Moreover, Quizlet allows the students to create and then share those flashcards with the rest of the class through its sharing features.

Besides, the creative features of Quizlet make a student to study their flashcards in six different ways and collaborate with other students in the same manner.

6. Text2MindMap

Text2MindMap is an app for students to collaborate online by creating mind maps. Moreover, it gives pre-built templates for creating mind maps. Students can use it to write outlines and see connections between their outlines and the ideas.

Besides, it allows students to create an interactive environment of learning through the mind map technique. You can also save the file on your computer for continuing your learning process in the future.

7. Pear Deck


Pear Deck is a collaboration tool that allows students to create an interactive presentation session.

Moreover, this formative assessment tool has lots of templates and other integration tools that enable the teachers and students to engage effectively.

With Pear Deck, students can join the live session via a unique code that a teacher will provide them. Besides, a teacher can control the flow of the presentation from his or her computer.

The collaboration between the students and teachers takes place when students share their responses, questions, or suggestions through different interactive tools of Pear Deck.

8. OneNote

One Note is a digital handy book from Microsoft that allows you to take notes on every occasion very quickly and easily.

Moreover, it can be helpful for students to collaborate online and share the pictures, audio messages, video messages, and the diagrams too.

With all these sharing options, students can also share their notes on life events.

9. Popplet


This is another mind-mapping tool that enables students to cooperate through diagrams and present their innovative ideas.

Moreover, students can visualize their brainstorming through the mind maps in the Popplet and share it too with other students and teachers.

Like MS PowerPoint, students can also create presentations on the pre-built templates and display it to the rest of the class to see.

Besides, it is one of the best cooperative application that allows students to compile multiple ideas and present them in an organized pattern to their teachers or other fellows.

10. PBworks

PBworks is a real-time collaborative editing system that allows students to create and edit web pages. It is more like a classroom website that enables users to collaborate, share ideas, and organize learning resources.

PBworks also lets the students to capture knowledge, share files, and interact through various other modes.

Moreover, it allows tracking the history of each author through his contribution as well as the revisions or changes he makes.

Besides, it also has some cool formatting tools to present your texts elegantly.

Apart from all this, you can also embed:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Other graphics

However, this is a powerful digital creative tool that maximizes the engagement of students in a particular task and keeps them intact.


So far, we have discussed some of the best online collaborative tools for students. Now you will be thinking that how can online collaborative tools enhance learning?

Well, these tools create an interactive environment for the students to work together and learn new things. These tools eliminate all the hurdles of remote learning experiences.

Moreover, they are loaded with lots of features that create a pavement for innovations and creative ideas to turn into reality.

Finally, with all these interactive tools, students can cooperate to learn new things while saving lots of time like traveling to school and settling in the classroom.

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